Michigan has been customizing bevel gears for different types of vehicles for over 13 years, Including individual gear set customization and customization of bevel gears for vehicle gearboxes. It includes: transmission bevel gear sets, differential bevel gears, and vehicle drive axle bevel gears. Our bevel gears can be used for civil vehicles, buses, heavy trucks, high speed railways, off-road vehicles, racing cars, etc. Michigan has extensive industry knowledge in automotive transmissions through our extensive work with vehicle manufacturers and vehicle repair companies.

Michigan's Bevel And Cylindrical Gears For Transport Industry

───── Meet The Needs of Modern Transport Industry


Spur Gear And Helical Gear

  • Automobile Engine
  • Automobile Transmission Gear
  • Vehicle Transmission Shaft
  • Vehicle Steering System
  • Motorcycle Drive System
  • Electric Motor Drive System

Bevel Gear

  • Trailer and Truck Axles
  • Vehicle Steering Systems
  • Marine Propulsion Systems
  • Vehicle Rear Axle Differential
  • Vehicle Transmissions
  • Train Wheel Drive Systems

Ring Gear

  • Road Roller
  • Automobile Drive Shaft
  • Ship Propulsion System
  • Automobile Transmission
  • The Connection Between Aircraft Engines and Propellers
  • The Connection Between Train Engines and Axles
  • The Connection Between Tractor Engine and Axle
  • The Connection Between the Crane Engine and the Crane Arm
  • The Connection Between Construction Vehicles and Bucket Wheels

Gear Shaft

  • The Connection Between the Motor and Axle of Rail Transit Vehicles
  • The Connection Between Automotive Engine Camshaft and Crankshaft
  • The Connection Between Different Gears and Output Shafts of Automotive Transmissions
  • The Connection Between the Rear Axle Main Reducer and the Left/Right Wheel Axles of Automobiles
  • The Connection Between the Steering Gear and the Steering Gearbox of the Automotive Steering System